Present Exhibition
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Senayt S Samuel Photography
Present Exhibition

The Geneva Women for women International Leadership Circle invites you to attend the exhibition NATURE

by Senayt S. Samuel

 October 1st to 13th 2014

at HERITAGE Gallery

25, Rue du Perron, Geneva 1204


This exhibition presents the first solo-show in Geneva by photographer Senayt S. Samuel. NATURE, features images from an ongoing photography project Senayt embarked on in 2007, as well as an archive amassed during her extensive travel throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. It presents images of ancient olive trees, places of memory and of the countryside region of Geneva she currently resides in. These series of images, explore the tree in its many symbols, landscapes as a graphic form and places of memory that question our recollections. Using the process of a mix of traditional and modern photographic techniques, the images depict the unstable, delicate and subtle relationship between photography, memory and truth. 

Senayt is an American photographer born in Asmara, Eritrea and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She began her photography career as a photojournalist. While in the United States, she has worked in Connecticut and New York for clients such as The Source Magazine, Savoy Magazine, AmeriCares and the Yale University Art Gallery. Prior to relocating to Geneva, Senayt lived in London and worked as a freelance photographer and picture archivist at Autograph ABP. She has undertaken a number of photography projects and exhibited widely including in venues such as Tate Britain and Hayward Gallery.


About Women for Women International At Women for Women International we work with women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Sudan. We help them transition from crisis and poverty to stability and economic well-being via a year-long training programme. We do this by bringing women out of isolation in a safe space with other women, by providing them with skills to earn and save money so they can put food on the table and send their children to school, by providing them with access and knowledge of how to look after their and their families’ health, by providing women with the knowledge and skills so that they can make and influence decisions in their homes and community. Women are not victims of conflict, they are survivors and agents of change who can achieve the transformation they want for themselves and their families and communities with the right support.

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